Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello Everyone!
Sorry I haven't been in "Blogland" lately. Things have been hectic. My sister and her family, (including her new puppy) came in from St. Louis this past weekend and we celebrated my sister's 40th Birthday! How I remember turning the big 40! Not pleasant...anyway, we also celebrated my nephew Mason's birthday as well so it was a fun weekend. And you can bet my Mother was there for the festivities also. She stayed the whole weekend so you can imagine how packed my little home was including the extra dog. It was like the Klampetts came to town. We also had Emilie's first session of senior pictures Sunday. Amy Galloway did a wonderful job on them and the few I have seen so far, turned out amazing. Amy really know's what she is doing. The picture above is my favorite so far.

I can't stand to think she is a senior. She will be off to college soon.. I dont think I have to worry about her moving out too soon because we had a funny conversation the other day. We were talking about how she thought she would like to move out her second year at SIU and get an apartment and I agreed that was a smart idea. However, that night she came home from work sick with a fever and immediatly needed her "Mama". I was there to get her medicine and a cold wash cloth for her head and I layed down in bed with her. She got real quite for a moment and then rolled over to me and said, "Hey mom, you know how I said I thought I would move out? I dont think I want to do that anymore because you won't be there and I need my mom." Haha! Dear God, she will be living with me when she is 45. Oh well....she is my only and I certainly wont complain how long she stays!

Well this weeks agenda is working on christmas decorating. I am officially in the Holiday mood so that's all for today... Take care and Much love Yaya

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Mandy Rose said...

Love the pic! Can't wait to see all of them. Amy does great work! And it helps that her subject was beautiful!