Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all,

Just thinking back today of my childhood and how excited I would be that is was Halloween...really, more for the candy than the costumes. (I have always been a lover of the candy.) Is there a better feeling then coming home from hitting as many houses as you can and then dumping all of your candy out on the floor to "check out the goods." I remember always having at least a couple of the greatest candy bars in the world...I always made a mental note of which house the "good stuff" came from and that I would be sure and stop by there next year... I also remember my father sitting in the floor, telling me it was his job as a dad to "test" a couple of the treats.. I can just hear him saying, "you can never be too careful these days, somebody might have stuck a blade in one." I always wondered how he got around the blade or glass as he was eating the entire piece...(Parents parogative!)
The funniest thing, that I still laugh about today are the outfits(not costumes) my mother would make my sister and I wear. The anual "Hobo outfit."
You say you don't know what that is?? Well let me tell you... you go into you father's closet and pull out that "Sears Leisure Suit" sports coat that is a size 50 along with one of his neck ties. Hopefully your sister hasn't gotten that tie that Aunt "_______" gave him that has pictures of old 1940's cars on it.. you put it around your neck along with one his big "trucker caps" and a pair of his outdoor boots that he wears to take the garbage out and there you go... a fine looking HOBO... What the heck... I really didn't know that hobo's had a certain "look." I mean cowboys do, policemen do, but Hobo's?? When was that last time you saw a hobo? Are there still hobo's around??
My sister called last week and I picked the phone up and she immediately said, "tell my kids what we were for Halloween every year." Her 12 and 9 year old didn't know what a hobo was?? They didn't get it at all, but my sister and I had a good laugh...
Hope you all have a good laugh today


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