Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have decided that on Tuesday's I am going to write what I am thankful for. How about joining me?
Today I am thankful for the obvious, family and friends.
I have a wonderful family that keeps me grounded and loves me when I am not being the "best buddy." What would I do without them.
I am thankful for my dogs... They like you (at least act like it,) when your breathe is not the best or when you have gained 5 pounds and not feeling so good about yourself. They will listen to you, looking you in the eye the entire time, and really act like they know and understand.
I am thankful for my health. I am blessed when I just get up out of the bed and able to dress myself and get in the car and go to work. ( I definately need to remember that:)
I am blessed that God keeps his hand of my and protects me, even though I have not been the "best daughter that I can be"
Today I just remember these things and feel content.. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday~

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AmyDean said...

So glad you joined blogland with your own blog! Can't wait to read you "stories".