Saturday, October 25, 2008


Happy Saturday to all:

Just got home from running errands, the usual "no-fun Satuday" errands: grocery, cleaners, Target and the bank... does everyone do the same thing I do?
Thought I would show a picture of my "6 ft baby" that is current, since all of the pictures I have posted have been about 5 years old.. This picture was taken on her
18th birthday... can't believe she is that old. Seems just like yesterday she was making me coffee in her little tykes kitchen, (And yes, I drank the water that had floating black things in it..) I miss those days. She is a senior this year. Her last year of high school. I have really tried to attend all her events because I keep thinking "this is the last time." Oh, well, enough for sadness and on to what am I going to fix for dinner tonight.. take care and hope you all enjoy your Saturday!


Tom + Kelly said...

Hey Amy! I hadn't seen your blog yet. I can't wait to keep up with what's happening down the street!

Anonymous said...

So sweet, Yaya! xoxo

AmyDean said...

What a great pic of Emily!