Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is is to early for Christmas decorating?

Just wondering what you all think. Would if be too early for Christmas decorating this weekend?? This is a picture of ONE of my trees from last year. I usually have about 6-8 trees up in different spots in the house. I usually start right after Thanksgiving and work right up until Christmas eve, trying to get everything "just the way I like it." (never) I thought that maybe this year I would start earlier and be able to keep if up longer and enjoy it longer than a month. I have so many Christmas decorations that I usually am not able to use them all because I run out of room..
I am so ready for the holiday. This year I have talked with "the family" and said I thought it would be a better idea to make each other something for christmas. "The 6 Foot Baby and The Guy have agreed. I am thinking that this Christmans will be more about being together and spending time with each other as opposed to what/how much we can buy. I tried to talk The Six Footer into agreeing to get only three presents "like baby Jesus." Let me just say she said that idea was ridiculous and then told me that I wasn't counting all of the people that came to see Jesus and brought him stuff...(Smart comeback for sure)
Oh well, one new idea at a time.
How are you making new traditions in your family?

Happy Happy,

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Ginette said...

Like your blog. I so want to start decorating for Christmas! I love the traditions we have because they all involve spending time with one another. For instance, every year we make and decorate sugar cookies. This is a project shared with my son. It's cherished time between just the two of us.